How Do We Measure Employee Engagement?

Here is a list of our 13 core dimensions that measure employee engagement. We also measure Mental Health and/or Safety if required.

Work environment measures how comfortable an employee is with their ability to perform in their role. It assesses an employee’s view on whether your organization provides them with the right tools, equipment, and training to do their job.

Professional growth refers to the attitude that an employee has toward personal growth, development and career.

Performance feedback measures employees expectations on how they will be evaluated and if they feel that they receive fair and regular feedback.

Immediate management determines how your employee feels about their relationship with direct supervisors (manager, foreman, etc.).

Compensation measures if your employee is satisfied with their compensation when compared to market conditions.

Work/life balance measures whether an employee feels that they have a good work/life balance. Do they feel they have control over their workload?

Teamwork explores if your employee feels that there is fair cooperation, collaboration, and team spirit at your organization. 

Diversity & inclusion measures how your employee feels about diversity and inclusion. Are employees of a different race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion being treated differently?

Innovation explores whether your employee thinks that your organization is committed to high quality work. Can they learn from mistakes? Are they afraid of trying something new out of fear of being blamed for mistakes.

Information and communication measures if your employee thinks that they have the right information to do their job.

Senior leadership assesses whether your employee respects your organization’s leaders.

Organizational vision explores if your employee feels a sense of purpose in your organization. Do they understand your corporate goals/targets? Do they feel that they contribute to the goals?

Engagement measures six attitudes, that together are the best predictors of an employee’s willingness to contribute extra effort simply because they want to.

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