Powerful & Easy to Use Employee Survey Software

TalentGate is the go-to employee survey platform developed by TalentMap, a company exclusively focused on workplace measurement and positive organizational change.

Simple Survey Design Tool

Using TalentGate’s simple design module, you can create your own survey or use and customize any of TalentMap’s standard surveys. These surveys include: employee engagement, onboarding and voluntary exit, 360 leadership, safety culture, and short pulse surveys. Create questionnaires from scratch, from templates, clone previous questionnaires, or draw on TalentMap’s library of statistically valid and reliable questions.

Seamless Deployment Experience

TalentGate’s deploy component provides you with tools to help maximize response rates. Create respondent lists by uploadig your HRIS or establishing a secured FTP link to a live document. Write, schedule, and send email invitations and reminders. Send test links. Check reminder status. Readily monitor live response rates. TalentMap also offers a pre-survey communication package and best practice recommendations to help drive participation.

Powerful Reporting

With TalentGate’s self-serve reporting tool, pulling reports and analyzing data is easy. Documents can be customized by configuring report layouts, colour, and design template options. Filter based on demographics, survey items & dates, as well as specific questions or themes for in-depth analysis. Compare against past year results and a range of benchmarks. Set custom scales. Contrast findings with aggregated results. 

Manager Portal and Action Planning

Action planning is the most important step n the survey process. Working in partnership with TalentMap, your executive and management teams receive assistance reading and interpreting survey results and together with employees, generate, categorize, and prioritize high impact ideas to improve employee engagement.

Manager Portal

  • Role based login gives users access only to relevant information
  • View breakdown of your organization at the department or demographic level
  • View key drivers, response rate, verbatim comments, survey scores, and correlations by department
  • View and search within a word cloud by dimension and engagement level
  • View peer results for comparison
  • Create actions and tasks for an organization or department

Action Planning

  • Actionable items are identified through analysis and directly relate to your organization’s key driver analysis
  • Create goals, set target dates, and view completion status
  • View content for best practices relating to specific actions
  • Create actions from an action library or from scratch
  • Attach external files and photos
  • Receive notifications when new actions or tasks are assigned

Jump into action with these post-survey support services


Focus groups enable discussions around root causes to be discussed and understood. It also welcomes recommendations from participants and TalentMap.

DIY Train-the-Trainer

Survey outcomes are explained to HR and line managers. We coach managers and encourage employees to accept information and commit to actions for change.

Leadership Workshops

This is a half-day workshop that focuses on leadership accountability and behavior in employee engagement. We will discuss ways to change issues that arise.

Jumpstart Workshops

TalentMap along with employers, managers, and leaders collectively brainstorm to generate and prioritize 8 – 10 action initiatives ready to implement.

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